Doctor Who Episode Guide

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour
Original Air Date—3 April 2010
With his TARDIS in ruins, the newly-regenerated Doctor with the help of Amy Pond must save the world in less than twenty minutes from galactic policemen known as the Atraxi.

Season 5, Episode 2: The Beast Below
Original Air Date—10 April 2010
The Doctor takes Amy to the future inside Starship UK, which contains in addition to British explorers, an intimidating race known as the Smilers.

Season 5, Episode 3: Victory of the Daleks
Original Air Date—17 April 2010
The TARDIS takes The Doctor and Amy to war-torn Britain in the middle of World War Two. Not only do they meet Winston Churchill himself, but the Doctor comes face to face once again with his greatest enemy of all.

Season 5, Episode 4: The Time of Angels
Original Air Date—24 April 2010
The Doctor and Amy emerge from the TARDIS to find the wreck of the Byzantium spaceship. Down below the Weeping Angels are stirring, but the Doctor has someone else to contend with; none other than the mysterious Professor River Song.

Season 5, Episode 5: Flesh and Stone
Original Air Date—1 May 2010

Season 5, Episode 6: Vampires of Venice

Original Air Date—8 May 2010
The Doctor and Amy cross swords in more ways than one with a horde of blood-sucking vampires in 15th century Venice.

Season 5, Episode 7: Amy's Choice
Original Air Date—15 May 2010
Five years after finally leaving the TARDIS Amy and Rory now married, live in the quiet little village of Leadworth. But everything is not what it would seem.

Season 5, Episode 8: The Hungry Earth
Original Air Date—22 May 2010

Season 5, Episode 9: Cold Blood
Original Air Date—29 May 2010

Season 5, Episode 10: Vincent and the Doctor
Original Air Date—5 June 2010

Season 5, Episode 11: The Lodger
Original Air Date—12 June 2010

Season 5, Episode 12: The Pandorica Opens
Original Air Date—19 June 2010

Season 5, Episode 13: The Big Bang
Original Air Date—26 June 2010.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 0: Voyage of the Damned
Original Air Date—25 December 2007
The Doctor finds his TARDIS colliding with a spaceship based on the RMS Titanic during a Christmas party. With the help of a waitress named Astrid, the Doctor must take on the race called the Hosts as the lives of the Titanic crew and those on Earth are in danger.

Season 4, Episode 1: Partners in Crime
Original Air Date—5 April 2008
With a new weight-loss pill tested in London by Adipose Industries, The Doctor goes to investigate the sinister truth behind the product, only to find out that his old friend Donna Noble is investigating as well.

Season 4, Episode 2: The Fires of Pompeii
Original Air Date—12 April 2008
The Doctor and Donna visit Pompeii in AD 79, on the eve of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Season 4, Episode 3: Planet of the Ood
Original Air Date—19 April 2008
Finding themselves on the Ood-Sphere planet in the 42nd century, The Doctor and Donna discover the truth over the Ood's willingness to serve humankind.

Season 4, Episode 4: The Sontaran Stratagem
Original Air Date—26 April 2008
UNIT's newest recruit Martha Jones enlists The Doctor's help to investigate kid genius Luke Rattigan and his ATMOS system that is used in every car on Earth.

Season 4, Episode 5: The Poison Sky
Original Air Date—3 May 2008
With planet Earth choking under the poison sky, the Doctor must stop the Sontarans' threat to the planet.

Season 4, Episode 6: The Doctor's Daughter
Original Air Date—10 May 2008
Caught in the middle of a war between the Humans and the Hath in the planet Messaline, the Doctor finds himself once again a father.

Season 4, Episode 7: The Unicorn and the Wasp
Original Air Date—17 May 2008
With a 1920s dinner party turning into a murder mystery, The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie on the eve of her publicized disappearance.

Season 4, Episode 8: Silence in the Library
Original Air Date—31 May 2008
The Doctor and Donna join a group of archaeologists at a 51st century library. What caused the library to become abandoned? What are the Nodes? And what links the library to one little girl? All they have is one warning - count the shadows.

Season 4, Episode 9: Forest of the Dead
Original Air Date—7 June 2008
With the library darkening, the Doctor takes on the Vashta Nerada while figuring out what links River Song to his future. Meanwhile, Donna finds out the mystery of Dr. Moon and the Girl.

Season 4, Episode 10: Midnight
Original Air Date—14 June 2008
As part of a well-deserved holiday, the Doctor takes a bus tour on the planet Midnight. Little does he know that something is knocking on that bus' wall...

Season 4, Episode 11: Turn Left
Original Air Date—21 June 2008
What would happen if Donna never met the Doctor? How would Earth handle the Racnoss, the falling Titanic or the Sontarans? Aided by a familiar blonde time traveler, Donna corrects the alternate time line from happening.

Season 4, Episode 12: The Stolen Earth
Original Air Date—28 June 2008
The return of an old enemy leaves Earth along with 26 other planets stolen from their places. As the Doctor and Donna look for the whereabouts of Earth, former companions of the Doctor assemble a resistance against the new Dalek Empire.

Season 4, Episode 13: Journey's End
Original Air Date—5 July 2008
In the wake of Davros' threat to destroy the existence of the Universe itself, the Doctor's companions unite to stop the Dalek empire. Which one will die by the prophecies and what will the fate be for the Doctor?
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