Thursday, May 27, 2010

Venetian Vampires - Victoria Day

As most of you may know by now, Space had preempted the latest Doctor Who episode (season 5, episode 6) The Vampires of Venice for the May 2-4 (aka Victoria Day) weekend which will now leave us poor Canadians three weeks out from UK broadcast and, until July 4, a week out from US broadcast now as well.

In it's stead, Space channel had a marathon of "When Good Environments Go Bad" movies. Among these were Tin Man (series), The Day After Tomorrow, Solar Attack, Nature Unleashed (series), Meteor and its ilk. On the other side of the border, BBC America is preempting Doctor Who on May 29, so both SPACE and BBCA will air Amy’s Choice on June 5.

We want to complain but won't - Space Channel (we will sometimes refer to it Spacecast), certainly a whole cuss of a lot better than what the CBC had provided previously, even at their best. If you reside outside of the UK, it kinda sucks but certainly will not suck as much as those lovely vampiric ladies will this weekend.

If you are still stressed, why not get yourself an Adipose stress toy ?

Are you still here ? Well, here are Ten teasers about 'The Vampires of Venice'
By Neil Wilkes, Editor at Digital Spy -

The population of the TARDIS rises from two to three this week when Amy's fiancé Rory arrives on board. Still reeling from Amy's pass at him, The Doctor decides to pick up the-one-with-the-big-nose and take a trip to 16th century Venice - "an early wedding present", as he brands it. This particular gift comes with an added bonus, however: vampires!

Read on for our ten teasers about 'The Vampires Of Venice':

1. Rory is halfway through his stag do when The Doctor arrives to collect him. And it's quite an entrance.
2. On entering the TARDIS, Rory doesn't really say what The Doctor wants him to.
3. The First Doctor makes an appearance.
4. The 'vampires' like Amy. Who can blame them? She's delicious!
5. "Where are you from? Did you **** ******* the *****?"
6. Ever wanted to see The Doctor get electrocuted? Luck's in.
7. "Some tiny. Some were as big as the sky."
8. What's 10,000 in number and waiting in the water?
9. Amy enjoys a massive snog with either Rory or The Doctor. Right in front of the other.
10. "All I can **** is... *******."

That is all, end transmission.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Only Good Dalek

Just catching up with some Doctor Who titles available now or upcoming very soon (at least here in Canada) - drop by your local bookery to inquiry . . .


Doctor Who: Night of the Humans
Author: David Llewellyn
Available at Chapters (Canada) April 22, 2010

From the Publisher
250,000 years' worth of junk floating in deep space, home to the shipwrecked Sittuun, the carnivorous Sollogs, and worst of all - the Humans. The Doctor and Amy arrive on this terrifying world in the middle of an all-out frontier war between Sittuun and Humans, and the clock is already ticking. There's a comet in the sky, and it's on a collision course with the Gyre...When the Doctor is kidnapped, it's up to Amy and "galaxy-famous swashbuckler" Dirk Slipstream to save the day. But who is Slipstream, exactly? And what is he really doing here?


Doctor Who: The Three Doctors: A Classic Doctor Who Novel - Aduiobook
Author: Terrance Dicks
Narrated by: Katy Manning
Available at Chapters (Canada) July 13, 2010

From the Publisher
In this exciting reading of a "Doctor Who" novelization, first published by Target Books in 1975, Doctors One, Two, and Three cross time and space and come together to fight a ruthless enemy - Omega. Once a Time Lord, now exiled to a black hole in space, Omega is seeking a bitter and deadly revenge against the whole Universe. Katy Manning reads Terrance Dicks' complete and unabridged novelization.


Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek
Author: Justin Richards
Available at Chapters (Canada) November 9, 2010

From the Publisher
''Station 7 is the most secret establishment in the whole of Earth-Space. Even our own people don''t know it exists. It''s beyond top secret. There''s no way the Daleks can ever find it.'' Station 7 is where the Earth Forces send all the equipment captured in their unceasing war against the Daleks. It''s where Dalek technology is analysed and examined. It''s where the Doctor and Amy have just arrived. But somehow the Daleks have found out about Station 7 - and there''s something there that they want back. With the Doctor increasingly worried about the direction the Station''s research is taking, the commander of Station 7 knows he has only one possible, desperate, defence. Because the last terrible secret of Station 7 is that they don''t only store captured Dalek technology. It''s also a prison. And the only thing that might stop a Dalek is another Dalek... An epic, full-colour graphic novel featuring the Doctor and Amy, as played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television

Thursday, May 20, 2010

5.6 : The Vampires of Venice

Season 5, Episode 6 - The Vampires of Venice

Written by: Toby Whithouse
Directed by: Jonny Campbell
Original Air Date: May 22, 2010

Dessicated corpses, terror in the canal and a visit to the sinister House of Calvierri – the Doctor takes Amy and Rory for a romantic mini-break, as the Tardis touches down once again. But 17th-century Venice is not as it should be. The city has been sealed to protect it from the Plague, although Rosanna Calvierri may have other plans...

The city is protected by the House of Calvierri and bodies are being found with all their fluid drained out of them. There's something odd in the Canal, and the beautiful Calvierri gals cannot be seen in mirrors . . . . so Vampires and Venice - just a great mix not matter which way you slice it.

The Doctor seems to be back to his gleeful self after a dark two-parter featuring the dreaded Weeping Angels, though his opponents this time around still have pointy teeth. This time, they're vampires; not the vampires you see in Twilight and The Vampire Diaries; those are watered-down versions of these creatures, who resemble creepy young girls and appear to have some sort of hive mind going on. And when they don't like someone, they hiss and bare their strange teeth, which are strangely aligned… and presumably razor sharp. Thankfully, the Doctor's roguish charm and their slow movement allows him to state, but not before telling them how interested he is in what exactly they're doing in Venice.

Of course, that's after he stops to admire himself in a mirror and tell himself what a handsome fellow he found himself. Of course, that led into the revelation that the vampires couldn't be seen in mirrors, but the little inclusion of his vanity was quite a nice touch. After all, the Doctor does find himself good-looking — remember when he made Sky Sylvestry tell him that in "Midnight"?

"Vampires in Venice" will air this Saturday, May 22, on BBC America / Space Chanel.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


"The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall"

If you had studied any
Greek mythology, one would immediately link this interesting Doctor Who season 5 sub-theme, 'Pandorica' with Pandora of legend. In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on earth, created and endowed by many of the gods (Pandora means 'all-gifted'. Long story short, Pandora had a jar which she was instructed not to open under any condition. Impelled by her natural curiosity, Pandora opened the jar, and all evil contained escaped and spread over the earth. The Pandorica or crack we have seen to date in this season's episodes also have something rather ominous about it.

The Eleventh Doctor first meets his new companion Amy Pond in "The Eleventh Hour", when she is seven years old. She complains about a crack in her wall, which the Doctor realises is actually a crack in the "skin of the universe". During its recapture by the Atraxi (big-eyed things they are), after escaping from one of their prisons through the crack, Prisoner Zero warns the Doctor after he had suggested Prisoner Zero open another crack to escape. Prisoner Zero replies the cracks were not its doing, but cracks in the skin of the universe, and taunted the Doctor over his lack of knowledge before warning "The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall".

Further cracks, unseen by the Doctor or Amy, appear in the monitor on the TARDIS at the end of "The Eleventh Hour", on the hull of Starship UK in "The Beast Below" and a wall in the Cabinet War Rooms in "Victory of the Daleks". In "Flesh and Stone", a crack appears inside the control room of the starship Byzantium, and both the Doctor and Amy recognize its shape as that of the one on Amy's wall; Amy worries that the crack is following her in time and space. In "The Vampires of Venice", the alien cites the cracks as a reason for fleeing her home planet, as well as the means to do so. She also warns the Doctor "Through some of them we saw silence"

So what exactly is this crack, now named Pandorica ?

The answer had not been fully explained, but it appears we are additional clues with each new episode. This is certainly the epic stuff that this season's finale is likely to be constructed of. To date, there appears to be only one singular crack, which can appear anywhere in time and space. We also know that when the crack widens, it releases "pure time energy", which can remove individuals and events from history. We also know from from the "Flesh and Stone" episode that there may exist a possibility of closing it by "feeding" it a complicated space-time event (like a Time Lord, or an army of Weeping Angels - which by the way was great !).

Chime in on your local fav forum or drop a comment here as to your speculation.

Friday, May 14, 2010

5.5 : Flesh and Stone

Season 5, Episode 5 - Flesh and Stone

Written by: Steven Moffat
Directed by: Adam Smith
Original Air Date: May 15, 2010

There's no way back, no way up and no way out. Trapped among an army of Weeping Angels, The Doctor and his friends must try to escape through the wreckage of a crashed space liner. Meanwhile, in the forest vault, the Doctor's companion, Amy Pond, finds herself facing an even more deadly attack.

The Doctor, Amy, River Song, Father Octavian and his clerics have all jumped on The Doctor's instructions, and have been caught by the Byzantium's still existent gravity field and have landed on the outside of the Byzantium, upside down in relation to the Weeping Angels left beneath them. They enter the ship, but are followed by the Angels. The Doctor and the others manage to escape and enter the control room.

In there, the Doctor and River realise that there must be an oxygen factory so the occupants can breathe, so the Doctor opens a door to reveal a forest! But then they realise Amy has been counting downwards from ten for several minutes without realising it, and the Doctor notices a crack on the wall, similar to the one in Amy's bedroom. The Doctor examines it, saying "That's extremely very not good", before noticing he is surrounded by Weeping Angels. He escapes, minus his coat, and follows the others. They discover that Amy has a Weeping Angel in the visual centres of her mind. The Doctor tells her if she opens her eyes for more than a second, the Weeping Angel will escape and she will die. She is left with the clerics as the Weeping Angels advance, Meanwhile The Doctor, River Song and Father Octavian head off to find a way to stop the Angels. As they leave, the Angels leave too when a light comes from the vault. Two clerics go to investigate, however, when Amy opens here eyes, she states it's the same crack from her wall. The remaining clerics forget about the existence of the other two, and then a third cleric goes to investigate. The one remaining cleric forgets about the others' existence, questioning Amy. He walks into the light too, and supposedly disappears. The Doctor and Father Octavian continue, but a Weeping Angel captures Father Octavian by the neck. Before Octavian is killed, he tells the Doctor that River Song was a prisoner because she killed a man; a good man. The Angels run away in fear of the crack, due to the Doctor saying it will consume them. The Doctor speculates that the crack is allowing time to be rewritten and River asks him how they can close it, with the Doctor replying that a complicated space-time event can close it: himself. As the four clerics have disappeared, Amy is left truly alone and with only a communicator. The Doctor radios Amy and tells her to come to the control room. She asks why she should risk confronting the Angels and the Doctor tells her that the Angels can only kill her, but the crack can erase her from time. Reluctantly and still with her eyes closed, she follows his sonic screwdriver signal, that is until the Angels arrive and surround her. The Angels are still scared and just follow their instincts around her to freeze to stone, but Amy soon gives herself away as blind and the Angels close in to kill her. Just in time, River teleports her to the control room.

All the Angels come by the entrance to the room as they drain energy from the doors, which then open. The lead Angel, Angel Bob, demands that the Doctor throw himself into the crack in order to save the Angels, Amy and River from it. River, as a time traveller, wants to throw herself in but the Doctor laughs at the idea, claiming that she is not even as complicated as one Angel and that only all the Angels are equivalent to him. Given this, the Doctor tells his friends to hold on to something and the artificial gravity field collapses because of the angels draining all the energy from the ship sending them into the crack. This is enough to seal it, erasing them all from existence. The group escapes to the outside of the temple, Amy safe now that the Angel in her mind has been erased from time. They remember those erased from time because they are time travellers themselves. River tells the Doctor she will see him again when the Pandorica opens and that the man she murdered was the best man she'd ever known. She is teleported back to the penal starship, with the remaining soldiers.

Amy tells the Doctor to take her home. There, she tells him that she is getting married in the morning and tries to seduce him. He declines and realises that she is at the centre of all the cracks and that the time explosion which created them occurs today, the day of her wedding. He quickly whisks her away in order to try to sort the issue out.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Weeping Angels

Just a run-down on some Weeping Angels facts - perhaps one of the more frightening monsters that Doctor Who may have come across. These creatures are also known as the Lonely Assassins, these aliens could only attack their targets if you took your eyes off them. The moment anyone looks directly at them, they become immobile and powerless. But, turn away, even for a split second, and they send you back randomly into the past, feeding off the temporal energy that is left behind by your life no longer existing in your proper timeline.

Weeping Angels Facts
Other Names : The Lonely Assassins
Home Planet : Unknown
Appearance : Winged Humanoid Statue
Weaknesses : If they see each other they turn into stone.
First Appearance: Blink
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Last Appearance: Flesh & Stone

Possessing a natural and unique defence mechanism, the Angels are quantum locked. This means that they can only move when no other living creature, including their own kind, is looking at them. As soon as they are observed, they instantly turn to stone and cannot be killed.

The Weeping Angels were winged humanoids who evolved numerous unique survival mechanisms throughout their time, including the ability to move creatures back through time with a touch. This allowed them to consume the potential energy from the time the victims could have had alive had the Angels not transported the victim back in time.

In The Time of Angels the Doctor and Amy along with River Song went hunting for a solitary Angel but discovered an army of them waiting in the Maze of the Dead! Although the Lonely Assassins vastly outnumbered their prey the Doctor was able to outwit them using gravity and the army was defeated. But there's no telling where the Weeping Angels might strike next... the Doctor must remain on his guard against these beautiful but merciless killers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Byzantium Forest

For us poor sods in North America, we have to wait until May 15th to get our next dose of Doctor Who. The last episode (5x4) left us hanging but get ready for part two of this nail-biter, 'Flesh and Stone'. We know that one may watch this episode online already but we think that watching it 'live' on the telly with the fam just can't be beat.

Righto - having said that, we do pop into the official BBC Doctor Who website, most-oft to peep the little bonus that accompanies each week's episode. The
'Flesh and Stone' episode has a wonderful panoramic photograph of the Byzantium Forest, which allows one take a 360 degree peek at the lush environment featured in the episode. Check out the interactive fun and more (including another print-and-cut Weeping Angel mask) here.

Spot all the Angels and give yourself a prize !
(allow some time to let the graphics load up)

Stay tuned for regular updates and reviews.

5.4 : The Time of Angels

Season 5, Episode 4 - The Time of Angels

Written by: Steven Moffat
Directed by: Adam Smith
Original Air Date: May 8, 2010

Don't blink - the Weeping Angels return! The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian (Iain Glen) to track the last of the Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead. And the mysterious River Song (Alex Kingston) is back in the Doctor's life - but can he trust her?

The enigmatic River Song hurtles back into the Doctor life but she’s not the only familiar face returning… The Weeping Angels are back! The Doctor is recruited by Father Octavian to track the last of the Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead. As the Time Lord faces the Lonely Assassins, last seen in Blink, River Song is by his side.

These “angels” are actually aliens who have a built-in defense mechanism — if they come into anyone’s vision, they are transfixed into stone. But when those people look away, the angels move incredibly quickly to grab you. Their touch sends you back in time, and the angels feed off the residual energy of the life you would have had.

“They’re the only psychopaths in the universe to kill you nicely”
~The Tenth Doctor

* This is, in truth, the third appearance of the Weeping Angels if one counts non-TV appearances; they have previously featured in DW: Blink and in Captain Jack’s Monster Files (See WC: A Ghost Story for Christmas)

Steven Moffat stated in a TalkTalk interview that his son – while watching the episode – said 15 minutes through the episode: “Dad, that is the single most scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!”

When teasing the new series, one of the things Moffat mentioned was “the Doctor’s mistake in the maze of the dead” – no doubt a reference to this episode

* There are lots of clips of this episode in the trailers for Series 5. These include-A group of Angels not Weeping, not Screaming, just putting their hands in the air.

-Some Angels capturing River Song and the Clerics

-An Angel in a vault with Amy looking at it through a T.V monitor – in Doctor Who Magazine 418 including a preview of this episode, the synopsis states the Angel is in the Byzantium Spaceship and is being stored in the vault, but escapesHow the other Angels come along is unknown.-A Single Angel screaming

* A clip for the episode heavily indicates that this episode will not chronicle River Song’s first meeting with the Doctor (from her perspective), as she knows, interestingly, how the pilot the TARDIS herself and claims that he “leaves the breaks on” (causing the materialising noise) and talks about him as if they have travelled together before.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5.3 : Victory of the Daleks

Season 5, Episode 3 - Victory of the Daleks

Written by: Mark Gatiss
Directed by: Andrew Gunn
Original Air Date: May 1, 2010

The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him. The Daleks are back - but can Winston Churchill be in league with them?

The Doctor and Amy arrive at the War Room under a Blitz-torn London at the behest of Prime Minister Winston Churchill (albeit one month after Churchill had called the Doctor). As a Luftwaffe squadron approaches London, Churchill takes the Doctor and Amy to the roof to meet Dr. Bracewell, a Scottish scientist who has invented a secret weapon called an "Ironside". These Ironsides obliterate the Nazi fighters and the Doctor recognises the weaponry used. He demands to be shown the Ironsides, which are revealed to be Daleks, dressed in tank-green paint and claiming to serve the British war effort. Bracewell claims to have invented them, along with many other technologies far beyond the capabilities of World War II-era Britain (or any country for that matter). The Doctor becomes more and more agitated by the Daleks' claims of servitude and lashes out at them, calling them by name. Which is exactly what they wanted.

High above, hidden behind the Moon, a battered Dalek saucer which somehow managed to escape the Tenth Doctor clone's genocide and fall back in time records the Doctor's recognisance of the Daleks, activating a device called the Progenitor Device. The Daleks on Earth transmat back to their ship, but not before revealing Bracewell as an android created by them. The Doctor gives chase, leaving Amy on Earth. He catches up with the last three surviving Daleks and threatens to blow up their ship with a TARDIS self-destruct remote. The Daleks respond by turning on all the lights in London, making the city a nice, bright target for the German air force. The Daleks reveal that the Progenitor Device contains original Dalek DNA to recreate the Dalek race but due to the remaining Daleks being born out of Davros' cells, their DNA was not recognised by the machine. Thus they needed the Doctor's testimony that they were Daleks in order for the machine to work. On Earth, Churchill and Amy stop a grieving Bracewell from committing suicide and get to work on shutting down the Daleks' radio-control dish in order to darken London.

The Progenitor Device opens and churns out the Dalek Lantern Corps a Dalek Sentai team *
or the Mighty Morphin Daleks Rangers for you people with Small Reference Pools
five new, brightly-coloured Daleks, who promptly decide to exterminate their inferior predecessors. *
Thus symbolically scrapping the Russell T Davies Dalek props as new Steven Moffat props roll in.
Said inferior predessecors respose to this? "We're ready."

The new Daleks attempt to exterminate the Doctor (discovering the self-destruct button to be only a Jammie Dodger), but are stopped as three space-worthy, laser-spitting Spitfires attack and destroy the radio dish, shutting off the London lights. The Doctor manages to escape to the TARDIS and orders the last remaining upgraded Spitfire to take out the Dalek ship, but is stopped by the Daleks, who reveal that Bracewell is a bomb powered by a contained wormhole. The Daleks threaten to destroy the Earth unless they go free. The Doctor has no choice but to order the Spitfire to call off the attack, and speeds back to Earth anticipating that the Daleks are going to activate the bomb the moment they are out of danger anyway. There, the Doctor and Amy get Bracewell to recognize his own humanity, cutting off the Daleks' control over him and deactivating the bomb. The Daleks time-travel back to the future as the Doctor angsts over losing to his greatest enemy again, a funk shortly ended by Amy's good cheer. The Doctor destroys all alien tech (much to Churchill's displeasure) and leaves, but not before allowing Bracewell to live out a full human life. Before departing, the Doctor and Amy have a chat about how Amy should remember the Daleks from their invasion on Earth, but she doesn't. This disturbs the Doctor greatly, meaning something is wrong with the flow of time. The travellers depart, with another Crack revealing itself in the wall behind the TARDIS...

Monday, May 10, 2010

5.2 : The Beast Below

Season 5, Episode 2 - The Beast Below

Written by: Steven Moffat
Directed by: Andrew Gunn
Original Air Date: April 24, 2010


The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future, where she finds Britain in space. Starship UK houses the future of the British people, as they search the stars for a new home. But as Amy explores, she encounters the terrifying Smilers and learns a deadly truth inside the Voting Booth.

Starship UK is floating through space and we can see the words 'Yorkshire', 'Kent' and 'Surrey' visible on some of the buildings. Next we see a line of children being praised by a creepy statue that greatly reminded me of the Gentlemen on Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode "Hush". One boy though, Timmy, stays seated until a girl, Mandy, persuades him to join the line. When it is his turn to face the statue he instead gets a zero and the statue (we later find out it is called a Smiler) turns its head 360 degrees and show its frowning face. Because Timmy got a zero, he isn't allowed on the lifts back down to his house in the deck of London. He protests about having to walk down twenty decks and wants to take the lift despite Mandy warning him he would get sent down 'below'. As soon as the lift has gone, he steps into the other one and says to go to London.There's a very creepy little girl on a screen reciting poetry 'A horse and a man, above, below, One has a plan, but both must go, Mile after mile, above, beneath, One has a smile, and one has teeth, though the man above might say hello, expect no love from the beast below.' The Smiler in the lift turns its face from happy to frowning and looks at Timmy and suddenly, the lift starts bolts down to Floor Number 0. The floor then opens up to a deep red pit and as Timmy falls in the Smiler's frowning face swivels and is replaced by a friggin scary angry face.

Next we see the Doctor holding Amy outside the TARDIS into space and she happily drifts around. You were jealous, weren't you? :D The Doctor notices a ship flying under the TARDIS and he tells Amy, as he sets a course towards the ship, about severe solar flares that almost roasted the Earth, and that all of humanity migrated to the stars.

The Doctor tells Amy that they should only observe and not get involved in affairs but being the Doctor he soon forgets about his lecture upon seeing Mandy, who is silently crying and runs away from him. Amy in her nightie exits the TARDIS to be in the "London Market" and she is freaked out upon realising that she is hundreds of years in the future and already dead. The Doctor asks Amy to look around and try to spot something wrong, as he notices that they all seem to be afraid of e. The doctor then puts a glass of water on the floor, under the excuse of searching for an escaped fish. Amy questions why, but he ignores her and then turns Amy's attention to Mandy, who is still crying. Amy tells the Doctor that little girls cry all the time but he says that children cry for attention because they're hurt or scared, but children cry silently because they just can't stop, claiming that every parent knows that. Amy asks if the Doctor is a parent, but the response is silence. The Doctor notes that there must be loads of parents walking past her and that none of the people passing by asked whats wrong, which means they all know, but don't want to talk about it.

In the meantime, a man in a black cloak was watching the Doctor while he was "searching for fish", and phones someone to tell them and asks if they have to tell 'Her' and the other one just responds that they are under orders to do so. Next we see a person wearing a red cloak, sitting on the floor with hundreds of glasses. The woman answers the phone and is told about the sighting. Intrigued, she picks up a mask, and leaves.

The Doctor sends Amy to find clothes since she was still wearing her nightie. She then finds the girl, but winds up in trouble when she breaks the rules, investigating a blocked-off road, broken by a tentacle. Amy is captured and knocked out. The Doctor has made his way to the engine room, only to be confronted by the mysterious masked woman. She asks what hes doing and he tells her that theres no engine. He tells her of the water, and that to move a ship of that size, the engine would be felt, and cause the water to react to vibrations.

Amy wakes up in a voting booth, and is shown a film about the truth about Starship UK, and given the choice: Vote to protest, or to forget. Next there's a torrent of images and she hastily hits the forget button. The Doctor finds her, and they realize she has recorded a message for herself, basically just saying that they need to get off of the ship immediately. The Doctor hits the protest button and they also face the deep red pit and end up below, in what turns out to be a huge mouth. After being tossed up in sick (EW, EW EW, this scene was so greatly directed I could almost smell the vomit *blergh*) they meet again with the masked woman, who has now unmasked, and is packing a couple of lasers. She gets rid off a couple of Smilers who were out to get the Doctor and Amy and takes them to her room, where she reveals that she is Liz 10 (Elizabeth X), the Queen of England who has the girl Mandy with her, explains that she has been investigating the creature for ten years, since she came to the throne aged forty (she says she looks younger than her fifty years because they "slowed her body clock"). She is fascinated by the Doctor, having grown up with stories about him and mentions an incident from Tooth and Claw (DW 2005: 2x02) It is then suggested that the creature has infested the ship and is a threat.

He then asks about dozens of glasses of water, and she remarks that it reminds her that her government is hiding secrets from her. She knows something is going on, but doesnt know what. Suddenly a group of cloaked men appear and they are taken by force to The Tower, where everything is revealed. The power source for the ship is a species known as the Star Whale and that this is the last one in existence and is carrying the ship through space. The people in charge get it to move by electrocuting the poor creatures brain. The Doctor is furious but then it is revealed that Liz 10 is about 400-years-old but has chosen to forget her past years of rule whenever she discovers the truth about the star whale, thus, allowed this to happen, for the benefit of mankind. We then see a video of Liz 10, explaining how the British people faced destruction when Planet Earth was devastated by solar flares, and that the British children cried. Then the star whale, appeared like a "miracle", and they captured it and used it to power their space ship. Liz 10 is then presented with two buttons, but instead of "Protest" the second button says "Abdicate". Pressing that button would release the star whale and destroy the ship and everyone who is on board.

The Doctor decides that enough is enough and is even more outraged than before and goes on a furious rant about humans and makes them listen to the star whale's screams of pain by using the sonic screwdriver. He then takes control and tells them that he has no choice but to kill the conscience of the creature in order to avoid its feeling pain and to avoid killing the humans. He is obviously pained by the horrible solution, but he feels it is better than killing all the humans on board or having the star whale to endure the terrible pain. During his rant he tells Amy off for pressing the 'Forget' button, even though she probably did so to prevent him from having to make such a difficult decision regarding the fate of the whale and humanity. He then tells Amy "You don't ever decide what I need to know. When I'm done here, you're going home". As the Doctor begins to make the star whale braindead, Amy spots that while the star whale's tentacles attack adults they do not attack children, but instead caresses them. She then realises that the star whale is in fact a volunteer and presses the 'Abdicate' button and the electroshock to the brain of the creature stops. The creature instead of stopping , accelerates since it is no longer in pain.

Explaining her actions, Amy says that "if you are very old and the last of your kind", like the star whale (or the Doctor), "you couldn't just stand there and watch the children cry". The Doctor and Amy reconcile and disappear without saying goodbye and hurry back to the TARDIS. Amy is about to reveal to the Doctor that she is about to get married when the phone in the TARDIS rings and it turns out it is Winston Churchill, who is in trouble, as the shadow of a Dalek comes into view. The Doctor and Amy set off to help Churchill and as the camera zooms out, we see that Starship UK has a crack on its side very similar to the crack on Amy's wall from the previous episode, meaning it is another crack in the cell of the universe.

5.1 : The Eleventh Hour

Season 5 : Episode 1 - The Eleventh Hour

Written by: Steven Moffat
Directed by: Adam Smith
Original Air Date: April 17, 2010


The Doctor has regenerated into a brand new man, but danger strikes before he can even recover. With the TARDIS wrecked, and the sonic screwdriver destroyed, the new Doctor has just twenty minutes to save the whole world - and only Amy Pond to help him.

Having Just regenerated the Doctor arrives in a small English village where he meets a seven year old Scottish girl called Amelia Pond. Fascinated and puzzled by the mysterious and bizarre stranger who claims to be a time traveler. Amelia finds her self caught up in a adventure involving an escaped alien convict and the Atraxi who are in pursuit of it. And if the Doctor doesn't act soon the world will end in twenty minutes...but that won't happen for another twelves years! Written by Robert McElwaine

Still getting used to his surroundings, the new Doctor crashes on Earth severely damaging the Tardis. There he meets a young girl, Amelia Pond, who tells him she has a crack in her bedroom wall which he determines is actually a crack in space and time. The Doctor has to leaves for 5 minutes and as promised Amelia, returns - only it's 12 years later and Amelia, now known as Amy, is a young woman. When aliens known as the Artraxi begin broadcasting a message around the world, the Doctor realizes they are only 20 minutes away from the Earth being completely destroyed. If he's to save the planet, the Doctor must ensure that the aliens recapture an escapee, Prisoner Zero. - by garykmcd
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