Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Byzantium Forest

For us poor sods in North America, we have to wait until May 15th to get our next dose of Doctor Who. The last episode (5x4) left us hanging but get ready for part two of this nail-biter, 'Flesh and Stone'. We know that one may watch this episode online already but we think that watching it 'live' on the telly with the fam just can't be beat.

Righto - having said that, we do pop into the official BBC Doctor Who website, most-oft to peep the little bonus that accompanies each week's episode. The
'Flesh and Stone' episode has a wonderful panoramic photograph of the Byzantium Forest, which allows one take a 360 degree peek at the lush environment featured in the episode. Check out the interactive fun and more (including another print-and-cut Weeping Angel mask) here.

Spot all the Angels and give yourself a prize !
(allow some time to let the graphics load up)

Stay tuned for regular updates and reviews.

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