Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5.3 : Victory of the Daleks

Season 5, Episode 3 - Victory of the Daleks

Written by: Mark Gatiss
Directed by: Andrew Gunn
Original Air Date: May 1, 2010

The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him. The Daleks are back - but can Winston Churchill be in league with them?

The Doctor and Amy arrive at the War Room under a Blitz-torn London at the behest of Prime Minister Winston Churchill (albeit one month after Churchill had called the Doctor). As a Luftwaffe squadron approaches London, Churchill takes the Doctor and Amy to the roof to meet Dr. Bracewell, a Scottish scientist who has invented a secret weapon called an "Ironside". These Ironsides obliterate the Nazi fighters and the Doctor recognises the weaponry used. He demands to be shown the Ironsides, which are revealed to be Daleks, dressed in tank-green paint and claiming to serve the British war effort. Bracewell claims to have invented them, along with many other technologies far beyond the capabilities of World War II-era Britain (or any country for that matter). The Doctor becomes more and more agitated by the Daleks' claims of servitude and lashes out at them, calling them by name. Which is exactly what they wanted.

High above, hidden behind the Moon, a battered Dalek saucer which somehow managed to escape the Tenth Doctor clone's genocide and fall back in time records the Doctor's recognisance of the Daleks, activating a device called the Progenitor Device. The Daleks on Earth transmat back to their ship, but not before revealing Bracewell as an android created by them. The Doctor gives chase, leaving Amy on Earth. He catches up with the last three surviving Daleks and threatens to blow up their ship with a TARDIS self-destruct remote. The Daleks respond by turning on all the lights in London, making the city a nice, bright target for the German air force. The Daleks reveal that the Progenitor Device contains original Dalek DNA to recreate the Dalek race but due to the remaining Daleks being born out of Davros' cells, their DNA was not recognised by the machine. Thus they needed the Doctor's testimony that they were Daleks in order for the machine to work. On Earth, Churchill and Amy stop a grieving Bracewell from committing suicide and get to work on shutting down the Daleks' radio-control dish in order to darken London.

The Progenitor Device opens and churns out the Dalek Lantern Corps a Dalek Sentai team *
or the Mighty Morphin Daleks Rangers for you people with Small Reference Pools
five new, brightly-coloured Daleks, who promptly decide to exterminate their inferior predecessors. *
Thus symbolically scrapping the Russell T Davies Dalek props as new Steven Moffat props roll in.
Said inferior predessecors respose to this? "We're ready."

The new Daleks attempt to exterminate the Doctor (discovering the self-destruct button to be only a Jammie Dodger), but are stopped as three space-worthy, laser-spitting Spitfires attack and destroy the radio dish, shutting off the London lights. The Doctor manages to escape to the TARDIS and orders the last remaining upgraded Spitfire to take out the Dalek ship, but is stopped by the Daleks, who reveal that Bracewell is a bomb powered by a contained wormhole. The Daleks threaten to destroy the Earth unless they go free. The Doctor has no choice but to order the Spitfire to call off the attack, and speeds back to Earth anticipating that the Daleks are going to activate the bomb the moment they are out of danger anyway. There, the Doctor and Amy get Bracewell to recognize his own humanity, cutting off the Daleks' control over him and deactivating the bomb. The Daleks time-travel back to the future as the Doctor angsts over losing to his greatest enemy again, a funk shortly ended by Amy's good cheer. The Doctor destroys all alien tech (much to Churchill's displeasure) and leaves, but not before allowing Bracewell to live out a full human life. Before departing, the Doctor and Amy have a chat about how Amy should remember the Daleks from their invasion on Earth, but she doesn't. This disturbs the Doctor greatly, meaning something is wrong with the flow of time. The travellers depart, with another Crack revealing itself in the wall behind the TARDIS...

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