Thursday, May 27, 2010

Venetian Vampires - Victoria Day

As most of you may know by now, Space had preempted the latest Doctor Who episode (season 5, episode 6) The Vampires of Venice for the May 2-4 (aka Victoria Day) weekend which will now leave us poor Canadians three weeks out from UK broadcast and, until July 4, a week out from US broadcast now as well.

In it's stead, Space channel had a marathon of "When Good Environments Go Bad" movies. Among these were Tin Man (series), The Day After Tomorrow, Solar Attack, Nature Unleashed (series), Meteor and its ilk. On the other side of the border, BBC America is preempting Doctor Who on May 29, so both SPACE and BBCA will air Amy’s Choice on June 5.

We want to complain but won't - Space Channel (we will sometimes refer to it Spacecast), certainly a whole cuss of a lot better than what the CBC had provided previously, even at their best. If you reside outside of the UK, it kinda sucks but certainly will not suck as much as those lovely vampiric ladies will this weekend.

If you are still stressed, why not get yourself an Adipose stress toy ?

Are you still here ? Well, here are Ten teasers about 'The Vampires of Venice'
By Neil Wilkes, Editor at Digital Spy -

The population of the TARDIS rises from two to three this week when Amy's fiancé Rory arrives on board. Still reeling from Amy's pass at him, The Doctor decides to pick up the-one-with-the-big-nose and take a trip to 16th century Venice - "an early wedding present", as he brands it. This particular gift comes with an added bonus, however: vampires!

Read on for our ten teasers about 'The Vampires Of Venice':

1. Rory is halfway through his stag do when The Doctor arrives to collect him. And it's quite an entrance.
2. On entering the TARDIS, Rory doesn't really say what The Doctor wants him to.
3. The First Doctor makes an appearance.
4. The 'vampires' like Amy. Who can blame them? She's delicious!
5. "Where are you from? Did you **** ******* the *****?"
6. Ever wanted to see The Doctor get electrocuted? Luck's in.
7. "Some tiny. Some were as big as the sky."
8. What's 10,000 in number and waiting in the water?
9. Amy enjoys a massive snog with either Rory or The Doctor. Right in front of the other.
10. "All I can **** is... *******."

That is all, end transmission.

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