TARDIS - this acronym stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.  For a great description, drop by wikipedia (HERE) as well as the TARDIS Index File wikia (HERE).

Possibly the most recognisable of Time Lord technology is the TARDIS, the ‘vehicle’ for travelling in space and time. The Doctor’s TARDIS permanently looks like a police box, but other fully functioning TARDIS’s have chameleon circuits that adapt to any era they are in, camouflaging the TARDIS to look like a standard object for that time zone.

Most notable instances of this have been The Master’s TARDIS which has camouflaged itself as a Cupboard, a stone pillar and a Wardrobe on several occasions. The inside of the TARDIS can be huge, some can even be city sized, and though this is limited be the amount of power that the TARDIS can generate. All TARDIS’s draw their power from a captured Black Hole, which can feed them unlimited power for an Infinite period of time.

One of the most interesting characteristics of a TARDIS is the fact that they are not built, rather grown and are sentient creatures in their own right. TARDIS’s are quite capable of movement, and even interstellar flight, though this does put an enormous strain on the TARDIS as its normal movement is to simple fade from one area of Space and Time and enter the time vortex, reappearing in another Space and Time.

When The Doctor’s companions or enemies first encounter the TARDIS’s strange ‘Tesseract’ ability of warping space-time to fit the outside over the inside, they are understandably quite baffled. This feature of the TARDIS’s is possibly its most famous feature and can be explained quite easily using mathematics and Four Dimensional Engineering.

One of the most famous examples of theoretical four dimensional engineering is a ‘Hypercube’, or a ‘4D cube’.

this can be easily explained using a dimension that exists away from normal three dimensional space, and is only accessible to a fraction of three dimensional space. This is the theory behind the TARDIS, that the inside of the TARDIS is on another dimension, or realm, and the TARDIS itself only acts as a door to that dimension.

Another amazing fact of the TARDIS is that the Regenerate with The Doctor, to a new ‘face’ or style with each new Doctor. This has been a running theme through the TV show and the Comic’s as each new Doctor appears, the TARDIS has a new, but familiar feel to it to match the new Doctor’s personality and appearance.

The interior dimensions are considerable bigger than the exterior shell would suggest, though even an approximate size of the interior has yet to be determined. So far only two rooms have been seen; The Control Room and the TARDIS Wardrobe, this is vastly different to the previous seen TARDIS' as in previous Doctor's TARDIS we have seen bedrooms, various living rooms and study areas and even an olympic sized swimming pool, though this was jettisoned prior to the "City of Death" storyline..

The TARDIS projects a telepathic field which translates all spoken and written languages for recognised operators and companions. This field does not function if the operator is incapacitated ornear death and only works on languages which the TARDIS has knowledge of.
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