Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Only Good Dalek

Just catching up with some Doctor Who titles available now or upcoming very soon (at least here in Canada) - drop by your local bookery to inquiry . . .


Doctor Who: Night of the Humans
Author: David Llewellyn
Available at Chapters (Canada) April 22, 2010

From the Publisher
250,000 years' worth of junk floating in deep space, home to the shipwrecked Sittuun, the carnivorous Sollogs, and worst of all - the Humans. The Doctor and Amy arrive on this terrifying world in the middle of an all-out frontier war between Sittuun and Humans, and the clock is already ticking. There's a comet in the sky, and it's on a collision course with the Gyre...When the Doctor is kidnapped, it's up to Amy and "galaxy-famous swashbuckler" Dirk Slipstream to save the day. But who is Slipstream, exactly? And what is he really doing here?


Doctor Who: The Three Doctors: A Classic Doctor Who Novel - Aduiobook
Author: Terrance Dicks
Narrated by: Katy Manning
Available at Chapters (Canada) July 13, 2010

From the Publisher
In this exciting reading of a "Doctor Who" novelization, first published by Target Books in 1975, Doctors One, Two, and Three cross time and space and come together to fight a ruthless enemy - Omega. Once a Time Lord, now exiled to a black hole in space, Omega is seeking a bitter and deadly revenge against the whole Universe. Katy Manning reads Terrance Dicks' complete and unabridged novelization.


Doctor Who: The Only Good Dalek
Author: Justin Richards
Available at Chapters (Canada) November 9, 2010

From the Publisher
''Station 7 is the most secret establishment in the whole of Earth-Space. Even our own people don''t know it exists. It''s beyond top secret. There''s no way the Daleks can ever find it.'' Station 7 is where the Earth Forces send all the equipment captured in their unceasing war against the Daleks. It''s where Dalek technology is analysed and examined. It''s where the Doctor and Amy have just arrived. But somehow the Daleks have found out about Station 7 - and there''s something there that they want back. With the Doctor increasingly worried about the direction the Station''s research is taking, the commander of Station 7 knows he has only one possible, desperate, defence. Because the last terrible secret of Station 7 is that they don''t only store captured Dalek technology. It''s also a prison. And the only thing that might stop a Dalek is another Dalek... An epic, full-colour graphic novel featuring the Doctor and Amy, as played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television

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