Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5x12 & 5x13 Image Spoilers

Hello my pickles,

We have from Popping Vicodin, some very interesting images from the upcoming Doctor Who season finale. These images are from episode 12 (The Pandorica Opens) and episode 13 (The Big Bang). If you do NOT want to see these Doctor Who Spoilers, we suggest that you pull the chute now.

What will happen ?
(from a variety of sources such as TV Times, Radio Times, What's On TV, etc.)

The Doctor takes Amy to the very first planet in existence where they find a message from River Song.

The couple find River Song is dressed as Cleopatra.

A painting by Van Gogh, found in Winston Churchill's bunker, reveals something about The Doctor's fate, a "desperate message." It has been passed along by Churchill through River Song and Liz Ten - who all return in the finale.

Dark forces gather at "under Henge"; returning monsters include: Daleks (the new kind), Cybermen, Sycorax, a Blowfish (originally from Torchwood), Weevils (originally from Torchwood), Autons, a Hoix, Sontarans, Judoon, a Kudlak (originally from The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Silurians (new series).

Lets go . . .

That's some crowded real estate above Stonehenge - looks like an inter-galactic party and every one of the Doctor's nemesis has come.

Who exactly is invited ? Looks like the Silurians and the Weevils (from our other fav show, Torchwood). Oh right - might as well have the Romans come too.

Speaking of Romans, we see here that Rory (who we thought took a dirt nap after being hit by a Silurian weapon in 'Cold Blood' has made a miraculous recovery and has acquired some spiffy wardrobe.

Also - a blast from the recent past - the Sycorax ! These critters were last seen during the Christmas Invasion special.

And who could not invite the Daleks, now available in red, white and Kill Bill jumpsuit.

And finally, it looks like Amy Pond (the child version) is rather enthralled by the Pandorica thingy.

Looks like this season finale is heating up to be epic . . . don't blink, don't miss it.


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