Friday, June 11, 2010

DWA Mag 170

Issue 170 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is now out (Thursday 10 June) for the small price of only £2.20

Inside, you can read about the attack of the alien granny (nasty Mrs Poggit and her third green eyeball), we challenge you to find your way round the Maze of the Dead without blinking, and you can check out what adventures lie in store for the Doctor this Saturday in our top-secret sneak preview of The Lodger!

All this, plus Matt Smith’s exclusive diary from the set of Vincent and the Doctor (find out what was on his MP3), an exciting new comic, four awesome posters and some amazing comps.

Best of all . . . Issue 170 of Doctor Who Adventures comes with a free squad of mini Daleks who are determined to invade your bedroom!

Doctor Who Adventures is a weekly magazine for young boys and girls who love Doctor Who. The magazine immerses readers into the world of the Doctor, taking them on an adventure into time and space.

Full of monsters and creatures, excitement, action, adventure and humour, it is a must-have for young fans of the successful BBC series.

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