Monday, June 14, 2010

Pandorica Opens Next Time

For those in the UK (or slithering on-line), you watched another great episode (The Lodger - 5x11) but were also treated to the 'Next Time' preview at show's end . . . let's have a look.

(if you don't want to read Doctor Who spoilers, we suggest heading somewhere else now)

“The Universe is Cracked” says the voice over for the ‘Next Time’ trailer for Doctor Who as two-part finale is right around the corner. We will be able to finally discover about those mysterious cracks in time, which have haunted the Doctor and Amy since The Eleventh Hour.

We will also learn just what the Pandorica is, mentioned by River Song amongst others, and we think it will not likely be very nice for the Doctor. The trailer for the next episode does look great and we are certainly filled with anticipation. Here's the vid . . .

Van Gogh painting ferried across thousands of years, communicating a disturbing prophecy to the Doctor, a message on the oldest cliff-face in the universe and a love that lasts a thousand years. In 102 AD England, Romans receive a surprise visit from Cleopatra. Nearby, Stonehenge conceals the Pandorica, a prison-box of legend. As it slowly unlocks from the inside, terrible forces gather in the heavens above. The fates are drawing close around the TARDIS – is this the day the Doctor falls? But there is just one certainty: Silence will fall...

Stay tuned Whovians.

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