Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lodger Review

The Lodger, 5x11


There's a house on Aickman road, and a staircase that people go up, but never down, as the time-travelling drama continues.

To solve the mystery of the man upstairs, the Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet – he must pass himself off as a perfectly normal human being, and share a flat with Craig Owens.



The Doctor lands the TARDIS in present-day Colchester but before Amy can emerge, the TARDIS dematerializes due to the Doctor forgetting to lock the time settings; this causes the TARDIS to abort the landing and continually re-try but fails to do so as some unknown interference is causing issues.

Left temporarily stranded in Colchester while he determines the source of the interference, the Doctor needs somewhere to stay. The Doctor decides to crash at Craig's main-floor flat (played by James Corden), where he proceeds to be a less-than-welcome houseguest.


Clearly what we can see here is a very clever reference to the 'Vincent and the Doctor' episode.

Hello - I forgot to put the parking break on my TADIS and it's rolled away somewhere (erm - I mean sometime). Anyways, can I crash at your pad and spy on your neighbour upstairs ?

Odd things are afoot upstairs - apparently it might be like an apartment full of sticky flypaper except for humans - they go up and never come down.

The Doctor is rather brilliant at whatever he tries his hand at, much to the envy of his flat-mate Craig who is really starting to dislike the Doctor.

Have you ever done this ? Taken a sip of a lovely rosé only to have to spit it back into your wine glass on account that it was so absolutely horrid. Here the Doctor shows his contempt for Tesco Brand wine while he entertains his flat-mate and his (almost) girl-friend.

After too much wine Craig is bedridden for the day - actually he just touched the radio-active indoor mould which seems to have originated upstairs.

Apparently, the Land Lord has not been charging appropriately for the lovely space-age flat upstairs.

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